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The Alexander Technique is a form of movement education.   It is a practical and effective tool that brings ease and awareness to the mind, body, and everyday life situations.

The application of the Alexander Technique frees the body of learned patterns of tension and restores the natural poise and coordination to the whole person.   By living with this new sense of awareness we are able to reconnect to our environment differently and find ease in our movements. The Alexander Technique can be applied to daily activities from working on the computer to a daily yoga practice. These activities can be rediscovered with ease and less tension.

F.M. Alexander realized that all systems in our body are affected by the excess muscular tension.   By applying the simple principles of Alexander Technique you can improve your appearance, your health and your well-being. The Alexander Technique is a learning process - it is not therapy or any form of healing. It is a form of movement education that enhances your awareness and ability to experience oneself more clearly and fully.

Ways in which the Alexander Technique can help:

*with the suffering from back or neck pain

*with deepening yoga practice

*with performers, dancers, actors, musicians, vocalists

*with reducing tension while working at the computer

*with athletic performance

*with people who have poor posture or self-image

*with injury rehabilitation and prevention

*with being in the present moment

*new mothers with carrying baby

*new mothers with picking up baby, putting baby down in crib 

What is an Alexander Technique lesson like?


The teacher first observes the student’s movements and patterns of muscular tension during an AT lesson. Using a gentle and non-manipulative hands-on approach together with verbal directions, the student is guided into a greater sense of ease and balance.

As a result of a lesson, the student may experience sensations of lightness, or even of being taller. In addition to feeling more at ease, a student’s breathing often deepens as muscular tension decreases.

An Alexander Technique lesson is usually thirty to sixty minutes long, and the student remains fully clothed. A lesson may take place on a massage table as well, and involves non- manipulative contact and verbal instruction from the practitioner.

The work is a form of movement education. It offers a simple, common sense way of approaching all activities throughout the day. It is designed to get to the root of a problem, and is a tool which can be applied to every activity, to create more ease and presence. It is also a tool you may take with you into the world, to discover how your unconscious habits are affecting your physical and mental well-being.

For more information on the Alexander Technique please go here

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